A Racetam Stack that Might Be a Huge Boost

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Triple magic! If you are a nootropic veteran, this combo is perfectly in your wheelhouse.

successfully picking a nootropic stackThe objective of this specific suite is to maximize the gains you receive with racetams as a whole. Various ones deliver gains that the others just don’t. As an example, aniracetam will heighten your mood much more so than piracetam and oxiracetam will. However, as we know, you will likely not feel enhanced focus using aniracetam … you’ll need to add piracetam to give you that.

Before you get too cynical, realize that nootropics, according to extensive research, are not toxic to your body … even in large doses. So using the three will not damage you, but the stack might stimulate you.

If you are just starting out, we wouldn’t advise this combination. Of course, it could totally work, but even when it does, you’ll have no idea * how * it’s helping you. Not all nootropics click for everyone– the goal is to initially isolate the ones that really help, and then add to them from there. If you simply toss a number of them together, you’ll not know which one is creating you each effect. You may perhaps be paying more money for nothing.

Alas, let’s return to this stack– if you are a veteran, do not hesitate to stack piracetam, aniracetam, and oxiracetam in the conventional dosages. Measure the effects versus having simply one of the racetams. If it is suiting you, stay with it. The benefits of one nootropic can be fun, but the ramifications of three can be truly disruptive.

Forewarning: raising your racetam dosage increases the chance that you’ll experience headaches. Use a choline supplement if this starts to occur. If that doesn’t help, ease off on the dosage until your problems go away.