Basics of Daily Caloric Intake for Maintaining A Healthy Weight

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Figuring out how many calories you should eat daily is a tough thing to do as many different foods may seem like they have low calories until you read that the average serving size means that you ate around ten servings. If you are trying to figure out your daily intake of calories to lose weight then you have come to the right place as this is a quick run down on how to start monitoring your caloric intake to be able to stay healthy or even possibly lose weight

Basics of Daily Caloric Intake


What most people don’t realize is that foods that may seem healthy or low in calories aren’t always great for you. It’s just like anything else, too much of anything isn’t good. If you exercise too much its not good, if you lay around too much it’s not good, and even though fruits and vegetables may seem like it you can still gain weight by eating too much of them.

There are many so-called natural foods like eggs, bananas, avocados, and more that are great for you in small or normal sized portions but if you eat too many you are taking in too many calories as well as fat with some foods. Pick up a guide from somewhere such as Weight Watchers to get a good idea of what each piece of food has in it to be more aware of what you are putting in your body.

For anyone wanting to lose weight and avoid massive amounts of calories you might as well kiss fast food and other restaurant food good-bye. Most fast food meals such as hamburgers, french fries, and even tacos have so many calories that in some cases the one meal has enough calories for a normal person to survive for two or three days.

So in some cases if you eat a combo meal from a fast food restaurant you have exceeded your daily caloric intake for the entire day. There are very few dishes at major chain restaurants that you can eat with maybe the exception of a sandwich shop like Subway or a restaurant designed for health eating. So just be careful and pick up a book such as “Eat This Not That” or find an smart phone app that will give you some insight on what’s health at a restaurant.

Eating a salad at a restaurant in many cases is worse for you than the steak dinner because of the massive amount of calories in the salad dresses, so be careful when your out to eat if you are trying to knock down the calories you eat in a day.

Overall staying healthy by monitoring calories is a good first step in learning more about how much you are eating and how healthy you are eating overall. To be completely on the healthy side you are probably going to need to do some physical activity whether its running, lifting weights, or simply walking. Always check with your doctor or a health professional before doing any type of physical activity or starting a diet as sometimes health problems can arise that you may not know of or think of. Most people recommend a treadmill or elliptical such as a Reebok 8000 C treadmill or other comparable models with thousands to choose from.

There are many systems available to help you lose weight such as Weight Watchers which goes on a points system which has helped thousands, if not millions, lose weight in a healthy manner. So if you are interested in how many calories to eat a day and how many calories certain food has in it then check out websites like and to see more about caloric intake.