Durban Metro Folding Bike

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Folding bikes are the latest trend for the modern cyclist. Bikes are no longer the cumbersome pieces of machinery they once were, they’re now lightweight and able to fold so they take up practically no space at all.

This makes cycling a lot more practical for anyone who has limited storage space in their home. Instead of taking up most of the room they now can sit in the corner without consuming all the available space.

The lightweight materials used mean that you can easily carry the bike in your hands, making it simple to move it indoors into the safety of your office or home. This means you don’t have to worry about vandals and thieves on the streets.

The development of the folding bike has come as cycling becomes increasingly popular with everyone. It’s allowed functionality to meet practicality and let everyone who wants to cycle get on the road.


Durban are based in the U.S and have been operating since 2011. They make a range of bikes but specialise in collapsible bikes which can be transported easily and stored simply.

Durban appreciate the great benefit cycling can have on individuals and the world. They strive to encourage others to start riding and have all the equipment needed in their diverse range.

Durban now operate globally with large distribution centres in Asia and Europe. They’re grown fast and are well known for their distinctive style and quality.

Durban Folding Bikes

Durban appreciate the limited space in a modern home and how every inch is precious. They’ve developed their range of bikes to work in sync with your daily routine, making them perfect for city dwellers who love to cycle.

Alongside being practical Durban make their bikes to be useful with several key features:

Smooth Ride
Folding bikes used to be some of the worst to ride but thanks to advances in biking technology they now work better than ever. Durban have designed their folding bikes to operate well on different types of terrain, making them more useful to the owner.

Easy to use
Really easy to assemble and with one of the fastest folding times out there, Durban have made a very efficient piece of kit. Their bikes are well designed and well made.

Durban are as focused on style as they are with performance. They appreciate that you want to look great while cycling and have designed their folding bikes to be cool and modern. Perfect for young professionals who love to cycle into the office.

Choosing your Durban Bike

If you’re in the market for a folding bike then Durban are certainly one to explore, with different styles and models to fit a range of budgets.

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